Vodafone UK bundling free movies, music and sports on 4G


Get free Netflix with Vodafone 4G, on top of Spotify or Sky Sports

It seems Vodafone UK is offering ‘double the entertainment’ on its 2014-Sep_9_9Red 4G plans for a limited time.  For anyone signing up by November 3rd, they will get 6 months free Netflix as well as the choice of Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium.

To encourage users to feel at ease with using all that data, Vodafone gives an unlimited three month test drive.  The “Vodafone Data Test Drive” enables subscribers to use as much data as they want/need/can dream of, without being charged for access usage over their cap.  The idea I guess is to give them all that content and the encourage them to upgrade their data pricing plan to suit their “new needs”.  They are given a tool, website or app-based, that will enable them keep track of their data usage and how it has been used – quite a good move I should think.  The only question haunting me – why is the Red 4G logo in blue?

  • The Netflix offer lasts six months, but the Spotify and Sky Sports subscription lasts the full 24 months of your contract.
  • To sweeten the deal, Vodafone Data Test Drive is there to help you get to grips with streaming and the mobile web by offering unlimited UK data for the first three months of your plan.
  • Vodafone has opted for subscriptions to streaming services as an incentive to attract people to its 4G network because, like O2 and Three, it came late to the party.
  • EE was the first 4G network in the UK and as such has the best coverage, although a year after joining in, the other networks are catching up.
  • O2’s incentives for 4G include an Evernote subscription and Premier League goals from The Sun, while Three’s incentive is that it doesn’t charge extra for 4G.

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