Vodafone offers free premium Spotify minus Taylor Swift


Vodafone partner with Spotify

Vodafone add Spotify but no Taylor Swift

Vodafone Australia is offering the premium Spotify music streaming service to post-paid Red Plan customers.  Similar to the deal Vodafone offers in UK (here).

  • Vodafone has announced that from today, new customers connecting to any of its postpaid 12- or 24-month Vodafone Red plans (or those upgrading to one of these plans) will receive a free Spotify Premium subscription — a service that normally sets you back AU$11.99 per month.

One important point to note is that there is no zero-rating on Spotify data, so watch your data usage:

  • Usage isn’t unmetered, so using Spotify will still count towards your monthly data limit, but Vodafone also offers unlimited data for the first two months of its 12 and 24-month contracts. As a guide, Vodafone says that streaming an hour of music a day at normal to high quality (96kbps-160kbps) would see you go through 1.5 to 2GB of data per month.

Vodafone Australia has been struggling to stem the outbound flow of customers since many lost confidence with the operator due to serious network problems a few years back.  Vodafone are also partnering with Fairfax media to give discounted or free access to local news sources – The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.  Vodafone Australia has lost more than 2 million customers over the past couple of years so they are looking to shore up the brand with premium content.

Meanwhile the artist Taylor Swift has pulled all her content from Spotify.  Ms. Swift is releasing a new album and it seems she is worried that online distribution will put a serious dent in her revenues.  Apparently it has been common for artists to debut their new material offline first to encourage traditional music sales and only then move the material online.  It would seem there are still some serious kinks in the music streaming model.

Spotify says that Swift’s music appears on 19 million playlists (they have 40 million subscribers).  Whether Ms. Swift is just looking for a higher ROI or this marks the beginning of the end for the music streaming business, only time will tell.

More Here… [cnet] … [Reuters]

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