Net Neutrality going Mobile?

FCC Chairman Talks Tough to Cellular Industry – Net Neutrality for Mobile?

FCC aim for Net Neutrality on Mobile

Net Neutrality for Mobile networks

It seems the new FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler has been downright busy.  From enduring the “Ice Bucket Challenge” on hos vacation to taking center stage at the CTIA Super Mobility Week.  Tom is now sitting firmly on the other side of the industry table and he had some pretty tough and quirky things to say.

Mr. Wheeler mentioned a number of challenges in his speech (transcript here) beyond the Ice Bucket one.  Tom definitely seemed to focus in on Net Neutrality as one of, if not the major industry issue.  It all seemed in line with his written response to Congresswoman Eshoo (letter here) late last month, where he stated

“I am concerned about usage-based practices that affect the speeds and service that customers receive. I am deeply troubled when I hear reports of providers slowing down speeds for selected customers under the guise of network”

Net Neutrality may or may not be the way forward, but Mr. Wheeler lost me a bit when he quoted Microsoft as the champion of competition and openness.  Not sure where he is going with all this…

“Microsoft, for instance, told the Commission that because we live in what they called a “mobile first” world, “There is no question that mobile broadband access services must be subject to the same legal framework as fixed broadband access services.”

Is this the same Microsoft that has had to fend off numerous lawsuits for its alleged anti-competitive behavior?

I guess a lot of things have changed in the industry since Mr Wheeler last took the stage as the CEO of CTIA.  The original iPhone (2007) and it’s numerous descendants come to mind for one and the entire mobile Internet is another.

Let’s hope there is something more super to come from the mobility week.

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  1. Leos Tovarek 2 days ago

    Everything depends on how we understand or define the “legal framework”. On such a common level, as presented by MS, they are only “empty words”.

    • Jonathon 2 days ago

      Leos you are absolutely correct. As always, the lawyers will dictate the outcome.

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