Net Neutrality activists declare an InternetEmergency

Protesters took to the streets across several US cities yesterday in a bid to highlight the dangers of the FCC “Hybrid Internet” proposal.  The “Fight for the Future” group have pinned this rather biblical call to action to their Twitter feed:

These could be the final days of the open web or the first days of the rebellion that saves it

InternetEmergency takes to the streets

Activists delclare #InternetEmergency

While some may consider this a bit dramatic, they are taking the issue rather seriously.  According to the group, over 30 protests were organized across the US under the call of an InternetEmergency.

The idea may have be borne out of the protests in Hungry late last month (reported here)  against an Internet tax that the government was planning to levy.  The draft proposal set a levy on every gig of data transferred.  The proposal was shelved, at least in its current form, due to mass protests that took place.

The InternetEmergency campaign has not reach the same heights (yet?) with only a few hundred people reported attending across the various location.  Protestors were reportedly shouting chants such as “Hey hey, ho ho, Tom Wheeler has got to go.”  It would seem that no one is happy at all with what is being called the Hybrid Internet or Frankenstein model by some.

Activists call an #InternetEmergency

InternetEmergency take on the FCC

With no actual proposal having been officially released by the FCC, all parties are reacting to conjecture.  Add to that the recent dramatic election results in the US giving the Republicans control of the Congress, speculation is running ripe.

As I have stated here before, the waiting game will have a cost, after all, not deciding is in fact a decision.  As uncertainty takes over, the industry will hold off further investments in fear of committing in areas that may later be heavily regulated.  While the decision paralysis continues everybody loses.

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