Facebook Takes a Byte out of Pryte – small data parcel pricing specialists


In Internet.org Push, Facebook Buys Pryte, A Specialist In Selling Small Mobile Data Parcels

  • Facebook ..Today it made its latest acquisition as part of that strategy: it acquired Pryte, a small co2014 Jun 6_1mpany based out of Helsinki, Finland, which has developed technology that lets app makers and carriers sell mobile data in incremental (read: very low-priced) packages based around particular app usage or other parameters.
  • While a low-end device strategy for emerging markets definitely still makes a lot of sense — the smartphone tipping point that we’ve seen in more mature markets like Europe and the U.S. has yet to be realised in many less mature countries — this is about Facebook looking further ahead, and also taking into account the huge proliferation of inexpensive smartphones that are now in the market, from companies like Nokia as well as a number of Android-based OEMs. These will be the devices that already and will in the future define how Facebook is accessed in the world.

More Here… [Techcrunch]

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