Free Use of Sponsored Apps

FreedomPop To Offer App-Sized Data Plans, Free Use Of Sponsored Apps

  • FreedomPop, the U.S. mobile carrier that offers users “free” mobile services (coming soon to Europe, too),2014 Jun 24 1 is planning a Pryte-style “pay as you app” feature where users can buy data allowances for specific apps. On top of that, it’s also launching a “sponsored” service that will give people free data allowances for specific mobile apps for a period of time. The service is set to go live in Q3.
  • For example, users can buy Facebook usage for one hour for $1, or pay $7 to get it for a whole month; or get “sponsored” access to CNN’s app for free.
  • FreedomPop is also going to offer “blitzes” of free app usage, which will tie sponsored data usage into SMS ads as well. For example, if, during the World Cup, ESPN or another brand wants to sponsor ESPN’s app for the duration of a game, FreedomPop would send out paid SMS to users that says something like “Use of ESPN is free for the next two hours and your data plan will not be charged.”

More Here…  [Techcrunch]

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