On the Freedom trail with Zero Rated Internet


Will apps that don’t burn through your data plan destroy the Internet or save it?

  • When you’re on a data-limited cellphone plan, keeping tabs on how much data you’re 2014 Aug 18_1burning through can be time-consuming. Watching online videos or hopping between Web sites can quickly spend your monthly data allowance.
  • Tapping into that consumer angst, this summer the service provider T-Mobile began offering its customers an alternative. Under a free feature on some plans, T-Mobile users can now stream music services like Pandora, iTunes Radio, Rhapsody, and Spotify all day long without having to worry about sapping their data caches.
  • There is a trade off for consumers. In return for low-cost service, users are, in some cases, being corralled into a limited view of the Internet. Rather than wandering freely from site to site, they have gained gatekeepers who have power over what they see.
Ed – One wonders what all the fuss is about.  How can providing free Internet to third world countries be a bad thing?  There seem to some people who believe zero rated Internet spells the doom of the Internet as we know it.  
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