Balkans to create a zero roaming charge zone!

5 European Nations to Scrap Roaming Charges by January 2015

Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia and Turkey are set 2014 Sep_5remove roaming charges by January 2015.  The plan comes on the heels on continued pressure from the EU commission for member nations to reduce or eliminate roaming charges altogether.  While great news for travelers, it’s sure to leave operators scratching the heads on how to recoup the lost revenues.

  • The zone would be a big help to nationals of the seven areas as well as other visitors since the cost of mobile roaming in the Balkans is up to six times higher than other parts of Europe.
  • The initiatives are part of the EU move to implement rules as these Balkan nations prepare for accession to the regional bloc to ensure tourists in the zone won’t get phone bill shock due to high roaming rates.
  • Many tourists are shocked to receive their astronomical phone bills after returning from an overseas trip because of roaming charges. Due to the need to stay connected, travelers often set their smartphones on roaming mode whenever they go abroad, allowing them to access their emails as well as social media sites.

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