Apple iPhone 6 Unveiled and Operators Pounce

If you missed the big announcement yesterday, you were either2014-Sep_10_1 trapped in a cold war fallout shelter or on a manned space trip to Mars.  As usual, Apple pulled out all the stops around the Apple iPhone 6 launch.  There were the usual ‘well-leaked’ surprises and according to first-hand party-goers, Tim Cook managed to channel enough of Steve Jobs to pull off the show.  I understand Bono and U2 may have been of some assistance.  Cook added some emotional gushing of his own ‘One More Thing.  Having the time of my life.  It’s a privilege to work with everyone at Apple.”  And, that was that.

Operators wasted no time at all getting into the game

Sprint is set to offer the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at Sprint with new, specially priced, unlimited data plans. For $50, buyers of the Apple iPhone 6 models will get unlimited data, voice, and text. By comparison, Sprint’s cheapest plan for individuals currently costs $60.

More Here …[gigaom]

Verizon is already offering up deals.  The wireless carrier announced Tuesday that it will give customers a free 16GB iPhone 6 when they trade in their old phone and re-up their contract for two more years. That means a savings of $199, which is the cost of the iPhone 6 with a two-year contract.  Verizon said eligible trade-in devices include the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, and 5S.

More Here…[cnet]

I couldn’t find any retail details from other carriers though they all have pre-order pages up on their sites.  AT&T preorder begins September 12th

Apple Watch


Let’s not forget that Apple’s first foray into wearables was also announced.  This is already a bourgeoning marketing and with Apple in the game it is sure to have an impact.  I wonder how long it will take them to partner with the like of Christian Dior and release a $25,000 version.  Interesting to note from a branding point of view, it is not an iWatch, just Apple watch.

Mobile Money – the Real Operator Story?

The less glitzy part of the announcement was around Apple Pay.  This may be the part that operators and others should be paying the most attention to.  Apple’s big incursion into the 2014-Sep_10_3mobile wallet could cause lots of folks some sleepless nights.

More Here…[theguardian]



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