Will Vodafone UK get family plans going?


Vodafone UK targets data-sharing families with its new Red+ plan

  • Family mobile plans might be big in the US, but they haven’t really got going in the UK. vodafone shopHowever, that isn’t stopping Vodafone from trying to change people’s minds with the launch of its new Red+ plan. Instead of equipping a family with individual tariffs, Vodafone aims to supply each member of the household with their own SIM, allowing the “plan leader” to distribute monthly data limits depending on how data thirsty they are.
  • These so-called leader plans are basically upgraded Red plans that come with a 2GB, 4GB, 7GB, 10GB or 13GB data allowance, which can then be shared with a family member in 500MB, 1GB, 2GB or 4GB amounts.
  •   Sound Complicated?

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