User created Internet fast lane – AT&T’s latest twist

 AT&T wants you to design your own Internet fast lane

user designated Internet fast lanes suggested by AT&T

The Netflix Internet Fast Lane – A reality?

There has been much talk of late over so-called “Internet fast lane” of late within the net neutrality debate.  While the bureaucrats at the FCC are still in committee debating, AT&T thinks it may have found a compromise. The “Internet fast lane” will give higher-quality access and balance prioritization to over-the-top traffic.  This prioritization will be paid for by the content provider, if Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have their way.  In AT&T’s latest proposal, they suggest that the Internet fast lane can be created at the discretion of the subscribers and not of the CSP. In a sense, this can be seen as an outflanking tactic, to avoid the pro-net neutrality activists.  According to AT&T’s filing with FCC last month:

“Leading net neutrality proponents already have distinguished between these scenarios, because even they recognize that user-driven prioritization can enhance consumer welfare and should be permissible,”

The end result of this tactic still seems to be content provider pays for increased bandwidth and quality of experience.   More Here…[CNNMoney]

While the argument around net neutrality and Internet fast lane rages, the latest Netflix speed Index figures for September indicate that the paid prioritization deal with Verizon paying off big time for customers of the streaming video service. Last month Verizon FioS outdistanced all other major operators in Netflix performance.

Netflix has released its Speed Index for September, showing that a paid prioritization deal with Verizon is finally paying off for customers. In September, Verizon FiOS topped all other major ISPs in Netflix performance with an average stream rate of 3.17Mbps. In August, Netflix streamed at an average of 2.41Mbps on Verizon FiOS;in July it was at 1.61Mbps; and in June, 1.58Mbps.

So while the big questions on net neutrality and  the Internet fast lane are being debated in the FCC and the media, the industry is creating facts on the ground.

More Here…[GamePolitics]

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