Unlimited LTE Data for Two?


Are you looking to do some serious web surfing on quite night in with your significant during the holidays?  T-Mobile are kick starting the holiday season for data fans with a new all-you-can-eat unlimited LTE data plan for two lines at $100/month.  That’s a significant discount and its likely to continue to fuel the US wireless price war.  T-Mobile have also brought back the 4 line LTE promotion for $100 with 10 GB of 4G LTE data.

Unlimited LTE will fuel price war

T-Mobile’s Unlimited LTE Data Plan for Two

T-Mobile’s marketing team is putting a straight forward message on the latest “Simple Choice” plans and promotions.

  • T-Mobile said it’s time to put a stop to the madness. It’s time to free wireless customers from having to decipher confusing gigabyte promotions, from policing their own family’s data usage and from punishing overage charges.  The Un-carrier is cutting through the clutter and complexity with a radically simple idea: everyone on your family plan uses as much data as they want. And, you can do it at a better price without ever worrying about domestic overages.

T-Mobile’s CEO is talking up the advantage of simple…

  • “People are saying loud and clear that they hate the confusion and complexity of the carriers’ shared data plans, and they should,” John Legere, chief executive officer of T-Mobile, said in the statement. “They threaten you with punishing overage penalties unless you police your own family’s data usage or up your data bucket and spend more every month.”

While this is a sweet deal for consumers, how long can this price war continue and what will the collateral damage be?  Carriers should have learnt their lessons with commoditizing 3G as to not make the same mistakes with LTE.  T-Mobile has long been at the center of consolidation speculations/discussion, maybe they figure they will not have to deal with the consequences of their actions.  More subscribers means they can bump up the asking price.  All’s fair in business and war.

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