Telefónica Big Data Director urges EU to level the OTT Playing Field

Telefónica urges Europe to create a more transparent market

Following our earlier post today regarding Vodafone India’s

Big Data director urges EU to play fair

Telefónica Big data Dir. urges EU to level playing field

CEO comments on evening up the playing field, a similar request has been issued by Telefónica’s Big Data Director Richard Benjamins.

  • Benjamins has urged the European Union to unify the continent’s telecoms market and level the playing field between operators and OTT players. He said unless action to create more transparent and fairer market is taken soon, Europe will lose its chance to be at the forefront of Big Data.
  • Benjamins said standardisation of the industry across the continent would help in creating a more transparent and equal market. According to him, telcos and OTTs differing treatment causes confusion to consumers. “They have certain rules for one kind of a service from one player, but a different rule for the same service from another player. It’s not clear for consumers, on the other hand is not clear for businesses either.”

Talking up the Big Data opportunity, Benjamins admitted privacy and security remain the top issues in Big Data, However..

  • “But when we looked into it we found that what people are really interested in, is great services that offer them utility and many of those services are actually based on personal data. I think the solution [to privacy and security concerns] is to allow customers to make the decision of which of their data is used themselves. They could for example release certain data in exchange to something. “

Begs the question can the industry and subscriber put a dollar amount on subscriber data.  If so, will the subscriber be willing to give up his/her private data in return for that amount?  Is it possible that some sort of Big Data registry or middle man will emerge to effective enable subscribers to sell their own data to others?

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