Paid prioritization – Verizon just say No!

Verizon responded in no uncertain terms to a letter sent by Senator Patrick Leahy to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, detailing the senator’s particular concern around “paid prioritization”.  The same letter was sent to the CEOs of AT&T, Charter, and Time Warner Cable (here).

Verizon claim Paid prioritization  is not the real issue

Paid prioritization just a side show

The Verizon reply defines paid prioritization as “an Internet business model – that today is only theoretical and under which an Internet service provider would be paid by a content provider to carry that content provider’s traffic more quickly than other traffic within a customer’s last-mile broadband Internet access connection.”

Verizon stated unequivocally that it has not implemented “paid prioritization”.  In fact they go on to state they have not implemented any kind of consumer prioritization or slowing down of customer’s traffic to the advantage of others.  Verizon claims they are on the record numerous times as saying that it has no plans to undertake the hypothetical “paid prioritization” business model.  The go on to assert that no major broadband provider has ever implemented paid prioritization, most have disavowed any interest in doing so, and no one has even offered a clear business case for paid prioritization.

Paid prioritization just a side-show?

Essentially Verizon claim that the whole “paid prioritization” is a non-event and it just a side-show.  They say operators never really seriously thought that there was a tenable business case behind paid prioritization and it basically a scare campaign.  A campaign that is diverting the spotlight from the real issues at hand – Internet regulation.  Verizon would like to see the same light-touch regulation of the Internet that was put in place two decades ago during the Clinton Administration.  Verizon would like to see policymakers focused on maintaining that status quo.  In other words, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

More Here… [Verizon Policy Blog]

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