Operators could learn a lot from Google


Google Fights Piracy (And Makes A Buck) With Ads For Legal Downloads In Search Results

Call me cynical but this latest play from Google is simply too much.  For years content and copyright owners have urged/pleaded with Google and other search engine providers to help in the fight against copyright infringement. It seems Google has finally taken up arms against a sea of trouble, but only now it’s figured out how to monetize the opportunity.

It seems that anyone using Google to search for content that may come from questionable sources, are now being served with ads offering the subscriber legal methods of purchasing the content. For example a search on “Game of Thrones” may turn up the following ad.

Google makes money out of anti-piracy

Google new anti-piracy monetization search

To some this might appear to be the ultimate cheek, but to others this will be seen as another brilliant monetization strategy. Some industry groups are none too happy.

  • UK music industry group BPI, tells BBC News that “There should be no cost when it comes to serving consumers with results for legal services,” saying that Google should use available industry data that lists all services licensed for streaming music in the UK.

One has to ask if Google can go to these extraordinary lengths to monetize a somewhat “limited” opportunity, why do operators get so much flack when they attempt to get creative with data monetization. If an operator attempted to offer this kind of service, there would be pandemonium from critics.   A town hall meeting would see privacy activists on the right screaming so loud they might even drown out the net neutrality camp shrieking on the left. How is that that content and over the top players can clearly bypass any kind of regulation on these issues while operators get bogged in the mire?

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