Net Neutrality Countdown – 48 hours..

Net Neutrality countdown  as FCC set to vote

Net Neutrality countdown clock at 48 hours

48 hours was a fast-paced action movie (1982) that first brought a young Eddie Murphy to the big screen.   In just 48 hours Eddie and Nick (Nolte) managed to turn most of San Francisco upside-down. Just goes to show you what can be accomplished in the time frame.

OK, so it’s a little over 48 hours in truth, but rounded out it’s just two days to go before regulators in the US decide the future of the Internet, or at least their patch. 

The Net Neutrality countdown has begun in earnest.  The Two republican FCC commissioners are asking that the vote on net neutrality rules be delayed.  FCC commissioner Ajit Pai has long been a vocal adversary of Chairman Wheeler’s proposal and President Obama’s alleged influence.  The second Republican FCC commissioner, Michael O’Rielly has also criticized calls from the White House for Internet regulation.  O’Rielly was quoted just last month “The foundation of the U.S. economy is for private companies to offer products and services – not government-sponsored companies,” O’Rielly said.

Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte, head of the House Judiciary Committee, said Wheeler “overestimates the FCC’s authority to rewrite our nation’s communications laws… and ignores the fact that his net neutrality rules almost certainly will be stuck in courts for years over questions of their legality.”

While for some the Net Neutrality countdown and the repercussion of the proposed legislation may be just another footprint in someone’s political campaign, they will have a dire effect on many sections of the industry.  People on both sides of the divide are getting very emotional.

Yelp claims Open Internet is as American as apple pie.  In a blog post, Yelp said that without FCC enforcement of open access, “the Internet could fall victim to entrenched, monopolistic ISPs and gatekeeper companies who would control when, how, from whom and at what cost you view content online. This threatens the very core of American freedom and values.”

Twitter is also tugging at the patriotic heartstrings – Twitter public policy manager Will Carty said the FCC rules would guarantee “the ability for all users to ‘innovate without permission'” and “have important implications for freedom of expression.”

Josh Stager at the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute said Pai “seems to prefer the status quo, in which broadband providers have free reign to manipulate consumers and abuse their market power.”

Net Neutrality countdown  II - looks similar but isn't

Net Neutrality countdown II – looks similar but isn’t

Just a little suggestion, don’t go popping the Champaign corks right away.  Just like with the namesake movie, there is bound to be a sequel.  While the initial installment has been an action-packed, mudslinging, slapstick, comedy, space opera; the sequel is bound to be a slow relentless court-room drama.  It will be like watching the English Patient in slow-motion.

With the Net Neutrality Countdown clock at 48 hours and no quick resolution in sight, vendors, operators and consumers will pay the price.  The politicians, more than likely find something else to argue about.

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