Much Ado About Nothing: Analyst predictions for 2015

Time to get out your crystal ball – well, no actually!

Is it the same old thing?

Analyst Telco predictions for 2015

It’s that time of the year again.  The tech publications are starting early this year in their quest to uncover the top telecom predictions for the coming year.  The following list of earth-shattering predictions come courtesy of IDC.  While this is a fairly inclusive list of what’s going on in the industry, I would hardly call them predictions.  Here the list with some helpful comments…

  1. Telcos will move into an API Business

APIs as a Service has been on the predictions list for a good few years now.  I’m not sure 2015 will be the big year for APIs

  1. Telcos will move into precision mobile advertising

  2. Service providers will enter a new dimension of analytics

2 & 3 seem to be much of the same in my money.  While big data and analytics has been on the list for the last few years, ‘precision mobile advertising’ is making somewhat of comeback.  Last time around it was referred to as behavioral or targeted advertising during the heyday back in the late 2000s.  Who can forget the likes of Phorm and Nebuad. It would this seems to be a subject that is reappearing rather than a prediction.   

  1. Telcos will adopt network virtualisation for better margins

Would any top 10 list be complete without virtualization?  I wonder if it will move up the list next year?

  1. Open source will start to fragment

Already under way….

  1. Telcos will enter the Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) 3.0 space

Anything with a 3.0 after the name is suspect in my book.  Having just recently completed a report for a vendor in this space, I was would say there are plenty of offering out there in the MSSP space.  Maybe they are considered 2.5?

  1. Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) deployments will be carried on a fixed network

OK this one kind a makes sense.  The growth of the connected home alone would account for this. 

 8. Networks will become workload-aware

This is also a bit of looking the rear-view mirror.  Operator network have become increasingly more intelligent and aware over the last few years. 

 9. Mobile commerce will thrive in Asia Pacific

This one I like and it makes sense.  I would add Africa to the prediction too

10. Mobile wallet adoption will accelerate

Well it could hardly slow down considering it’s really just getting satrted 

 Looks like the New Year will bring us more of the same if this list is anything to go by.  Are analysts just recycling these list from year to year because they have more fulfilling work to do or is there really nothing new in store for telecoms in 2015?

The full list can be found here… [CIO]

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