Mobility Predictions and the Enterprise Cloud Opportunity

Mobility Predictions and the Enterprise Cloud Opportunity


My 8-year old son will be elated to know that his case for a mobile phone has been given a boost by Ericsson’s latest Mobility report which predicts that “By 2020, 90 percent of the world’s population over 6 years old will have a mobile phone”.

Enterprise Cloud big opportunity
Ericsson Mobility Report Nov 2014

No one will be raising eyebrows with the prediction that India and China show fastest growth for new mobile subscriptions with 18 million and 12 million net additions in Q3 2014.  With initiatives such as the launch in India earlier this year of Google’s Android One (see: Android One changes the India game), the falling price of handsets combined with cheaper data is sure to see rapid uptake in these regions.

No big surprises either with the regards to the prediction that Mobile video traffic to increase 10x and constitute 55 percent of all mobile data traffic by 2020.

One must always take these predictions with a grain of salt when they come from a vendor with a vested outcome in the results.  This one in particular would prove great for business if it comes close to the mark.

  • 5G is expected to be commercially deployed in 2020, and the technology is predicted to have a faster uptake than 4G LTE, just as 4G had a faster uptake than 3G. The difference here is that, in addition to new radio technologies, 5G will also encompass evolved versions of existing radio access (such as 3G and 4G), cloud, and core technologies to cater for the thousands of new ways that mobile technology will be used. 5G growth will be driven to a large extent by new use cases, especially in machine-type communications.

More Here… [Ericsson]

Enterprise Cloud

Another report released by Allot Communications titled “CloudTrends – Delivering Cloud Services to Enterprises” today focuses how operators are monetizing the Enterprise Cloud opportunity.  From the report highlights it is clear that Microsoft has made a serious play at the enterprise cloud and partnering with operators.  MS Office 365 represents more than 90% of cloud office offerings – that sounds like a number out of the heydays of Microsoft.

Operator's taking Enterprise Cloud seriously
Allot’s Enterprise Cloud Report Q4/2014

With 45% of CSPs offering cloud applications and services for Enterprises, this is evidence that many operators view the Enterprise cloud as a serious revenue vehicle into the future.  Unified Communications is also an area that makes a lot of sense as an operator-delivered Enterprise Cloud offering.

While it seems a logical evolution that fixed operators with both data center and IT integration arms would be very excited about this opportunity, mobility is now becoming a key factor motivator for Enterprises wanting to take advantage of all that cloud has to offer.  Allot’s DPI solution focusses on managing the Enterprise’s access to the Cloud and guaranteeing the mission critical applications and services.

More Here… [Allot CloudTrends]

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