Leaving Las Vegas or CTIA’s not-so-Super Mobility week


CTIA – Is it time to move on?

If, like me, you blinked and almost missed it, CTIA’s Super Mobility Week took place in Las Vegas last week. I have attended quite a few of these CTIA shindigs over the years, so I can call myself a veteran, although not a big fan. This year was supposed to be the year CTIA got the show back on track. Combining 4G world (that old Yankee WiMax show) with the sub-par CTIA show was supposed to solve all the problems. From first hand reports, it didn’t.

CTIA Las Vegas

CTIA Super Mobility week Las Vegas 2014

Ain’t no party like a west coast party. ‘Cause a west coast party don’t stop!!

There was plenty of big industry news that came out last week, but only crumbs coming out of Vegas. With Apple’s mega-launch of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, things couldn’t have been timed less perfectly for CTIA. Now it’s nothing new for Apple to do the big no-show at industry events. If memory serves me right they don’t even rock up officially to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. One thing is not coming to the party, but it’s another thing to hold a bigger better party just down the block for the cool kids.

Next up was the T-Mobile ‘Uncarrier event’. Again no closer to Vegas! T-Mobile CEO John Legere hosted a mega-press conference in San Francisco announcing the carrier’s latest moves. I guess with the industry’s press corps still in town and albeit slightly hung-over from the Apple party, this seemed like the perfect choice.

The only news to actually come out of the show was the spat between FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and the President and CEO Meredith Attwell Baker. With Wheeler wanting to get his Net Neutrality paws on the country’s mobile networks and Baker issuing a stern ‘back off” warning.

Industry has spoken, is anyone listening?

If the Donny & Marie show at the Flamigo is packing in bigger crowds than the premier US wireless event, you know you’ve got a problem. With a lack of major vendors and operators supporting, the show has been on the slide for years. With the Mobile industry’s eyes firmly focused on Barcelona, maybe its time to put the “not-so-super show” out of its misery?


Official Super Mobility site here, in case you missed it [supermobilityweek]

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