Jury still out on Net Neutrality


The FCC Hasn’t Decided How It Will Enforce Net Neutrality

FCC deep in Net Neutrality discussions

FCC still debating Net Neutrality

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) indicated in a blog post that it is “reviewing” a number of legal methods concerning how to enforce new net neutrality rules.  Actually this is what it says:

“A cross-bureau group of staff are reviewing these options as well as others in the record.  The robust discussion will continue in the weeks ahead, including in our last Open Internet Roundtable on October 7 that will specifically focus on theories of legal authority and the legal basis for the construction of Open Internet rules.”

Sound overly bureaucratic? Well it is a government agency!  It doesn’t sound like the FCC will be making any Net Neutrality decisions any time soon.  If there is a vote it is liable to go along party lines.  The two Republicans are firmly against Net Neutrality, so Wheeler will have to sweet-talk the Democrats if he is determined to push forward.

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Meanwhile Comcast is trying to convince the FCC that there is plenty of competition of they should be allowed to buy Time Warner Cable.  Comcast has had its own Net Neutrality issues.  They have been caught slowing down traffic in the past.

  • Comcast and Time Warner Cable don’t compete for customers in any city or town, despite being the nation’s two largest cable companies, which helps explain why US residents have so few viable options for cable and high-speed Internet service.
  • Comcast said it faces competition from municipal broadband networks, though the telecom industry has pushed state governments to pass laws that restrict municipal broadband growth Wheeler isn’t likely to buy Comcast’s arguments.
  • In a speech on September 4, he pointed out that three-quarters of the nation has at best one choice of broadband providers offering at least 25Mbps. At 4Mbps and 10Mbps, most Americans have a choice of just two providers.

More Here…[arstechnica]

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