Getting into Shape for MWC2015

Getting into shape for MWC2015

MWC2015 – What’s not to like?

I quiver with anticipation just thinking about all the Tapas and Sangria.

With just under a month to go before the biggest Mobile extravaganza on the planet kicks off, I thought it would be an opportune time to review expectations.  The official theme for MWC2015 is the “Edge of Innovation”.  With the congress kicking off just a week after the FCC is scheduled to vote on Net Neutrality, let’s hope we are not at the “Precipice of Innovation”.

I mention that I will be diligently roaming the conference halls and sessions looking for tidbits of information to share with you all.  If anyone happens to be at the congress, be sure and let me know.

Personally, I have started my MWC2015 workout routine to get fit for the show which includes; Starting the day with 3 cups of espresso and couple of churros (hotel breakfast equivalent) walking several miles up and down the same area (Halls 1-8) for 10 hours and finishing the day off with an early cocktail, dinner at 10pm and late night cap, in bed by 2am.  I figure if I can keep this up for the next month I will be in fine form for the show.  That’s the plan anyway.

But on to more serious topics, I am pretty psyched for the show this year and 5 days doesn’t really seem long enough to get around to all the folks I would like to hear from.  A big standout for me in this year’s agenda is the focus on the Connected or Digital Lifestyle.  The industry is slowly waking up to the fact they need to understand their customers (not subscribers) better.  Operators must inherently come to grips with the fact that consumer are looking for a personalized least a customizable experience.  Customer loyalty is a thing of the past and that engagement and interactions are all that remain.  This provides the operator with a series of contextual opportunities – every one of which can be won or lost.   Whoever understands the consumer Digital Lifestyle needs best will win more than they will lose.   The Issue of privacy will no doubt be discussed on the side lines.

There will be plenty of conundrum around IoT – M2M, the Enterprise IoT opportunity and everyone’s favorite, wearable are likely to have a big impact at the show.  No doubt people will be back in throngs at the GoPro stand and will be happy to scream almost anything for the chance to be tossed the latest camera.

With all these devices being connected, I am assuming that another emergent theme for the congress will be the need to secure the world of IoT.  Authentication in M2M and wider IoT, I expect will emerge as discussion topic.

5G will be more on stage than discussed in the exhibition halls as operators and vendors alike to focus on monetizing the networks already in place.  I expect cloud, virtualization and LTE to be the big topics on the show floor (B2B).

Let’s not forget there will be plenty of action from the device guys, with the likes of HTC, Sony, Samsung and LG showing their latest wares.

Time to get back to the fitness routine, I want to be in shape for MWC2015!!

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