Free Internet (limited) in Zambia

Facebook offers Zambia free Internet access

  • Customers of cellular provider Airtel can download the app for access to 12014 Aug 17_23 outlets, including Facebook and Wikipedia. They can find out about the weather, women’s rights and job openings for several months before they will eventually need to decide whether they want to buy a data plan. The app doesn’t directly show ads, but users can see ads through certain websites accessed through the app.
  • Anyone who signs up for Facebook in Zambia through the free app will count toward the company’s more than 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide.
Ed: Is this purely altruistic or a genius play to lockup world’s remaining untapped subscribers?  Hmm I have my theories…  Let’s not forget Google’s Loony balloons

More Here… [SFGate]

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