Anything Google Fiber can do, AT&T can do better?!

Anything Google Fiber can do, AT&T can do better?!

Google Fiber  and AT&T in Kansas
Google Fiber to get competition from AT&T in Kansas City

Do you “have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore?” Well technically, we are talking about Kansas City, Kansas, not to be confused with Kansas City, Missouri.  Kansas City, Kansas, is home to about 145,000 people (Wikipedia) and it is the location Google selected to educate the world as to how fixed Internet should work, with its Google Fiber.  Actually Google Fiber moved into Kansas City, Missouri too – confusing?  Honestly, the only “facts” I know about Kansas are that Dorothy  and Toto blew away from there, Superman grew up there and if you like super-fast Internet access, it’s the place to be!

AT&T has just announced that it will be competing with Google Fiber in Kansas City.  Life is good in Kansas!

  • AT&T announced at midnight Sunday that it’s ready to sell Internet service over skinny fiber optic wires with a hefty capacity to move data directly to homes and small businesses in parts of Kansas City, Leawood, Lenexa, Olathe and Overland Park. The company said it plans to expand later to Independence and Shawnee.
  • AT&T said its fiber optic cables already connect to the outside of many homes. Customers can begin signing up in select neighborhoods immediately for service to be installed in the coming weeks and months.
  • The company clearly aimed its prices to compete with Google Fiber. Internet connections of up to 1 gigabit per second — nearly 100 times faster than available in most U.S. homes — will run $70 a month. Teamed with a basic TV package, service will cost $120 a month.
  • Both packages match exactly Google’s speeds and rates, although AT&T customers will get free HBO for the first three years. In addition, AT&T offers Internet-based phone service for another $30 a month. It’s locking prices for three years, although customers are obligated to only one-year contracts.

I have always suspected that Google Fiber was Google’s attempt to showcase to the world exactly how things could/should work.  This move by AT&T may turn the tables on Google and they may l become part of somebody else’s publicity stunt!

 More Here… [KansasCityStar]

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